This code is no longer being maintained or updated. The available archived versions may not work on newer operating systems.

RESRAD-BASELINE is a computer code designed for evaluating radiation dose and chemical risk to a human receptor based on measured contaminant concentrations in different environmental media. The calculations follow the EPA Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund (RAGS). For radionuclides, radiation doses and cancer risks are calculated; for hazardous chemicals, hazard indexes for non-carcinogenic effects and cancer risks for carcinogenic effects are calculated.

RESRAD-BASELINE considers 14 exposure pathways: inhalation of dust, radon (for radionuclides), and volatile chemicals (for hazardous chemicals), ingestion of plant, meat, milk, aquatic foods, soil, and water, incidental ingestion of water while swimming, external radiation from soil and air immersion (for radionuclides), and dermal absorption from swimming, showering, and soil contact (for hazardous chemicals). The code provides tabular and graphic output, and is capable of conducting sensitivity analyses.

Diagram showing RESRAD-BASELINE