This code is no longer being maintained or updated. The available archived versions may not work on newer operating systems.

RESRAD-CHEM is the counterpart of RESRAD-ONSITE, designed for evaluating chemical exposures of a human receptor located on top of soils contaminated with hazardous chemicals. It calculates cancer risks for carcinogenic effects and hazard indexes for non-carcinogenic effects by following the EPA Risk Assessment Guidance for Superfund (RAGS). It also derives soil cleanup guidelines corresponding to a specific cancer risk limit or a hazard index of 1. The database in RESRAD-CHEM contains chemical properties, transfer factors, and toxicity values for 151 chemicals.

RESRAD-CHEM considers nine exposure pathways: inhalation of dust and volatiles, ingestion of plant foods, meat, milk, soil, aquatic food, and water, and dermal absorption from soil and water contact. The code provides tabular and graphical output, and is capable of conducting sensitivity analyses.

Diagram showing RESRAD-CHEM